China plans mission Jupiter and Uranus

Chinas tianwen mission has successfully launched and they collected the materials from the mars.

Due to this successful mission china has decided to launched another mission for Jupiter as well as Uranus.

These missions are going to launched in early 2030.

They launched this mission on most powerful rocket of china which is Longmarch 5

China uses twice of the longmarch 5 rocket to reach Jupiter as well as Uranus planet.

These combined mission is known as Tianven 4

Astronautical congress held in the France capital paris.

In this congress Chinese space head Wang Qiong present his dream mission to go Jupitor and Uranus.

On Monday chinese tianven mission has won the international space award.

Lets talk about chinese tianven mission

The first tianven mission is related to Mars

The 2nd tianven mission is related to revolution and getting information of an asteroid named Kamo’oalewa

This tianven 2nd mission is official launched in 2025.

The tianven 3rd mission Is related to Martian samples

This tianven 3rd mission is official launched in 2028

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