Casio 40th Anniversary Special Edition Watches 

Casio is a Japanese Watch manufacturer company who makes Rugged Watches

Basically they launched their Rugged watches with the code name G-Shock

This month is a Casio 40th Anniversary and they will make a special edition 

in 1983 Casio makes shock-resistant watches and these watches can survived in any conditions

On this occasion they launched two special edition Casio watches

The code name of the 1st Casio watch is MTG-B3000FR

The code name of the 2nd Casio watch is GWG-2040FR

This 40th anniversary special watches comes with phosphorescent materials

This 40th anniversary special edition watches will survived over intense Solar flares

Casio has used laminate carbon and colored glass fiber sheets for its rigidity

The bezels of every Single Special edition watches is built by the uniques

The 40th anniversary edition watch logo makes by  world-renowned graffiti artist Eric Haze

The logo and the symbol of the Special edition is on the back of the watch

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