Capcom purchase graphics company Swordcanes Studio

Capcom purchase famous 2D & 3D graphics production of Swordcanes Studio

 Swordcanes Studio has sold their all their shares to the Capcom company

 Swordcanes Studio has worked on Final Fantasy XVI

 In the Final Fantasy XVI Swordcanes works on character model production

also they worked on Street Fighter 6 with animation and HI-FI RUSH

Head office of the Swordcanes studio is : D’s VARIE Kanda Bldg., 5F, Kanda Nishifukudacho 4, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Net worth of the Swordcanes studio company is 8 million yen

This Swordcanes studio actually works on Production of 3D and 2D computer graphics related to game development

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