Best Science Games For Your Child

Here are some of the best science games for children:

Kerbal Space Program

This game allows children to build and manage their own space program

They can design rockets, explore planets, and learn about the laws of physics and orbital mechanics.

Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft offers an Education Edition specifically designed for classroom use.

It includes various science-related lessons and activities, such as building renewable energy systems and exploring ecosystems.

The Magic School Bus

Based on the popular educational TV show, this game takes children on

an underwater adventure to learn about marine life, oceanography, and environmental conservation. offers a series of online coding games and activities that teach children the fundamentals of computer science and coding.

They can learn problem-solving skills and logical thinking while having fun.

Toca Lab: Elements:

In this game, children can experiment with different elements to discover their properties and reactions.

It introduces them to the periodic table and the basics of chemistry

Robot Turtles

This board game introduces young children to the fundamentals of programming through a fun and interactive gameplay.

It helps develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Sid Meier's Civilization series:

While primarily a strategy game, the Civilization series offers a historical and scientific perspective.

Children can learn about technological advancements, civilizations, and their impact on the world.

The Incredible Machine

This classic puzzle game challenges children to create elaborate contraptions to solve problems.

It promotes critical thinking, logic, and understanding of physics concepts.


SimCity allows children to build and manage their own virtual city.

They learn about urban planning, environmental issues, and the interplay between different systems.

National Geographic Kids

This website offers a variety of science-based games, quizzes, and interactive activities.

Children can explore different scientific topics such as animals, geography, and the environment.