Astra service offer carbon fiber mustang

Mustang is known for his raw power and performance.

That’s why this car is known as The Muscle Car.

If you think your muscle car is modified with fully carbon fiber then you are welcome.

Astra services offers to his customers who want to modified his muscle car into carbon fibered muscle car.

We are all know carbon fiber is lighter than metals.

If your muscle car modified with the carbon fiber it means you car loose some weights and it very beneficial to speed up the car.

Your car will be a rocket on the roads. Ha Ha Ha

The cost of this modification is $43000.

If you want to change the cabin or replace with the carbon fiber then you have to pays some extra bucks.

Lets talk about the muscle car specifications.

The ford mustang comes with Ti-VCT technology which improves the fuel economy

This muscle car comes with 6 speed manual transmission with REV matching.

The car comes with electronic line lock features.

For breaking the Brambo brakes has used for best performances.

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