Applying For US L1 Visa From Canada

If you are currently residing in Canada and wish to apply for an L1 visa,

The L1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa that allows multinational companies to transfer employees from a foreign office to a U.S. office.

To be eligible for an L1 visa, you must have worked for the foreign company for at least one continuous year

Here are the general steps you should follow to apply for an L1 visa from Canada:

Complete Form I-129

The form must be submitted by your U.S. employer on your behalf.

Gather supporting documents

You will need to provide supporting documentation to demonstrate your eligibility for the L1 visa

Pay the application fee

You will need to pay the appropriate application fee for the L1 visa.

Attend an interview

Wait for a decision

After your application is processed, you will be notified of the decision.