Apple Maps’ new feature on iOS 17

Apple's redesigned map, introduced in the US years ago, convinced me to switch from Google Maps.

I find Apple's maps not only as accurate in terms of directions but also visually appealing.

The only reason I kept Google Maps was for offline downloads, crucial for my outdoor activities like hiking and camping

In areas with poor cellular coverage, Apple Maps would fail, leaving me stranded without directions.

Fortunately, Google Maps supports offline downloads, ensuring I could still navigate even without a data connection.

Finally, my wish came true with the introduction of offline maps in Apple Maps through iOS 17.

During WWDC, Apple announced the long-awaited addition of offline maps to their maps app.

This new feature will greatly enhance my outdoor experiences and provide peace of mind when venturing into areas with limited connectivity.

With offline maps in Apple Maps, I can confidently explore remote areas and navigate back home without compromising my privacy.