AMD Has Revelled Its Next Ryzen 2023 Processors

The US semiconductor giant company AMD has launched his next generation Ryzen processor in the market.

AMD means Advanced Micro Devices

All processors is based on 5nm technology

Let’s talk about the specification and pricing of AMD Ryzen 2023 processors

The first one processor from AMD is Ryzen 7000 X3D CPU

This processor has come with 2nd generation consumer V-Cache parts

In the Generation 3 it comes with 3D V-Cache SKU

The next generation AMD Ryzen 9 processor has comes with 16 cores with 144MB cache which is quite enough for the gaming and heavy task.

This processor also comes with same 3D-V cache technology.

This processor can go upto 5.7GHz boost which is insane.

The next processor from AMD is Ryzen 9 7900X3D

This AMD Ryzen processor has come with 12 cores and 140MB cache files.

It comes with 2CCD configuration.

This processor can goes upto 5.6GHz boost which is quite enough for the gaming and day to day heavy task.

The next processor is AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D

This processor is built and focusing only for the gamers. if you are one of them then this processor must be installed in your Computer

It comes with 8 core 16 threads and 104 MB cache.

This AMD Ryzen 7 processor can go upto 5.0GHz

Price start for the base variant of the AMD Ryzen processor is $229 to $599 USD

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