Amazing : Halloween fireball in the sky

 Connecticut residents may have a chance to see a "Halloween fireball" in the sky this October.

A Halloween fireball is a bright meteor that is at least as bright as Venus

Halloween fireballs are caused by the Taurid meteor shower, which peaks in late October and early November

The Taurid meteor shower is produced by debris from a comet that broke up thousands of years ago

The Taurids are known for producing bright and colorful meteors, including fireballs

The best time to see a Halloween fireball is after midnight, when the constellation Taurus is high in the sky

To see a Halloween fireball, find a dark location away from city lights and look up at the sky

If you see a bright meteor streak across the sky, you may have just witnessed a Halloween fireball.

Halloween fireballs are a rare and awe-inspiring sight, so if you have the chance to see one, be sure to enjoy it!