iPhone 14 Pro VS Hero GoPro 11 which one has best Action modes

Apple has introduced the action modes in iPhone 14 Pro for the first time

According to apple iPhone 14 they can record a stable and smoother video capture with any situations 

You can activate the action camera mode in you iPhone 14 smartphone

Simply you have to go in camera app>Video> and then activate the action mode

But iPhone 14 PRO smartphone can beat the action camera like GoPRO

Let find out 

According to a video source : Justin Eastzer/CNET

They experiments the iPhone 14 PRO camera with Action mode off and On

iPhone 14 PRO action mode is great features specially in stable videos. Then he use Hero GoPro 11 to take the shot

Hero GoPro 11 has record the 4K resolution video footage which looks crisps and sharper

Hero GoPro 11 has better stabilization 

Hero GoPro 11 has record 4K video whereas iPhone 14 PRO can record 2.8K video 

Can the iPhone 14 replace an action camera?

The answer is it depends on you. It depends on your project and work

If you are a social lover then the iPhone action mode is enough for you

But in case if you are participating in many sports events then its not for you. You have to go for Hero GoPro

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