Acer swift 3 OLED specs and Review

Lets talk about Acer swift 3 OLED laptop specification and then we are going to talk about the reviews

This laptop comes with 14 inch 2.8K resolution OLED display with the support of 90Hz refresh rate

These laptop comes with latest i5 and i7 12th Gen processor

The laptop comes with inbuilt 8GB of DDR5 RAM and 512GB of SSD storage

The higher variant of this Acer swift 3 OLED model is 16GB of DDR5RAM and 1TB of SSD storage

Lets talk about its pros and cons

This laptop comes with fully metallic aluminum body

The i7 processor is capable to high end performance 

Lets talk about cons. This laptop have limited battery life

There is no privacy shutter @ webcams

Price for the base variant is $929 - 1229 

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