0 To 100% In Just 10 Minutes : Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 PRO

Chinese smartphone manufacturer company Xiaomi has announced they are working on Redmi Note 12 and 12 PRO

Xiaomi Redmi note 12 PRO variant will comes 210W fast charging features

According to Xiaomi this 210W fast charger will charge your smartphone 0-100 in just 10 min

Whereas Apple, Google, and Samsung can take 1.30 to 2 hours of full charge

According to Xiaomi this massive 210W fast charger will charge your Laptop

You can charge 66% Battery in just 5 minutes and upto 100% it can take 9 minutes

The other features of this charger is it supports 240W of power to charge various gadgets

The best part of this smartphone is its Size OR Dimensions : Its dimension is 67.3 x 64.3 x 30mm

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