US visa waiver program eligibility and requirements

USA, it is the most advance country in the world, infect this country is know for his culture, Society and its Freedom.

Peoples are going to work here because of his safe environment and of course its currency. If you are looking today you are noticed that every country currency are continuously goes down but the USA currency dollar doesn’t seem slow.

Its continuously growing faster and faster, which means if you are working here and earned money it will become more valuable then any of the currency across the world.

Receiving US visa is very difficult but if you are looking for a safe environment as well as your living standard is better then you have to apply for this visa.

Guys if you want to live here with your family then it means you have to get the Green visa. Once you get Green visa then you are free to move, work OR you can invest here without any extra paperwork.

So, today in this post im gonna tell you what is US visa waiver program and lastly we are going to talk about how to get it ? So lets gets started.

What is US waiver program ?

Basically it is a special type of visa for those people who want to travel in US for the purpose of Business as well as Tourism.

It gives us almost 90 days of time period to live in US. But this Waiver program has some limits.

The state department has allowed only 40 countries of citizens. These countries are called esta countries and the the entire program is in esta visa waiver program.

If you want to know is your country is eligible for the US visa waiver program. Then click here.

Visa waiver program requirements

Lets talk about the requirements for the US visa waiver program. Your passport is very important. There are some certain important thing to have to know about.

  • The 1st one is your passport must have machine-readable zone on the biographic page.
  • Then 2nd thing is your passport must be an electronic passport. In this electronic passport an electronic chip has present which contains your biometric data’s for the security purpose and reliability it can be accessed through the authority.
  • Your passport must have supports machine-readable zone. Which is automatically detect the documents and share the owners information in the screen.
  • All the VWP countries are issued passport with their digital photographs. If you doesn’t have this it means you cant travel in US.

US embassy in India

Indian embassy in USA


Guys if your country is eligible for US visa waiver program then you have to simply go to embassy or official US website and submit your all the necessary document and apply for the visa.

Its very easy to get the visa under this program. I hope this article helps you a lot.

If you have any query regarding this article please ask me on comments section. Me and my team is waiting for your valuable comment.

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Some FAQ

What is US visa waiver program ?

Basically it is a special type of visa for those people who want to travel in US for the purpose of Business as well as Tourism.

How many days i live in the USA with this program ?

90 days or 3 months.

Is passport is necessary to travel in US ?

Of course dear almost every country want to know about you and your country for security reasons.

How many countries are eligible for this program ?

40 countries is eligible for this program.

What is green card ?

It is an official documents to live in America without any problems. In other countries this card is basically know as Permanent resident.

Why this card is called as Green card ?

Because this card color which is green. This card is also known as permanent resident card. You don’t need to confuse between Green card & other countries permanent resident visa.

How can i take American citizenship

Read this post twice. Follow all the necessary steps and you will get the green card.

Which is the best way to get Green card easily and faster ?

You can choose the through investment. If you have millions of dollar then you have to invest in any American states. This is the coolest and safest method to get Green card.

Recently i got my Green card. Can i call my parents in USA ?

Of course dear. You are free to call but wait there is a waiting time to your parents as well as your cousins. For more information please read two times.

How to get visa waiver Korea ?

Read this post twice.

Disclaimer : All these information collected from USCIS website. This is inform you that is a free service to Traveler’s. Please always check and confirm official site notice before you apply US VISA

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