US marriage green card eligibility and requirements

USA, it is the most advance country in the world, infect this country is know for his culture, Society and its Freedom.

Peoples are going to work here because of his safe environment and of course its currency. If you are looking today you are noticed that every country currency are continuously goes down but the USA currency dollar doesn’t seem slow.

Its continuously growing faster and faster, which means if you are working here and earned money it will become more valuable then any of the currency across the world.

Receiving US visa is very difficult but if you are looking for a safe environment as well as your living standard is better then you have to apply for this visa.

Guys if you want to live here with your family then it means you have to get the Green visa. Once you get Green visa then you are free to move, work OR you can invest here without any extra paperwork.

So, today in this post im gonna tell you what is Green visa, its type and lastly we are going to talk about how to get it ? So lets gets started.

US Green card 2023

It is an official document which helps to lived in USA. This card is launched by the US official authority which is USCIS. USCIS means United states citizenship and immigration services.

If you having this card it means you can invest money in any of the running businesses in USA. You can start your own company as well as you can easily purchase a land or resell the land without any extra paperwork.

This is so amazing. But wait you cannot vote here in any of the elections. But i think its ok for me and of course its not an issues.

Green card is know as Permanent resident card OR lawful permanent resident. This green card are similar to others countries permanent resident But only one difference is, in united states of America this permanent resident called as Green card.

There are many categories to get Green visa. But in this article im gonna show the top most popular ways to get USA Green visa . These are :

  1. Marriage with American man or women
  2. Through Employment
  3. Asylum green card
  4. Lottery OR DVlottery system
  5. Through Investment

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Marriage with American man OR women

Yes, this is the best way to get Green visa. I think this methods is very beneficial for everyone who are really want to live here. If you want to green visa then you have to marriage with any of the american citizen.

Once your marriage is done then you have to apply for this visa within a week. You don’t have to apply for this card. The entire process is done by your life partner. You can simply send your documents to your life partner.

Once your green card is ready then your are eligible to live here as a permanent resident. It means your are an American citizen and you are free to move any states in the America.

Friends, after getting married, when you apply for a green card for the first time, then you will also have to pay some extra fees. Overall, if you have to pay $1500 – 2000 fee for this green visa. This fee keeps on increasing, so whenever you think of applying for a green visa, then definitely visit the official website twice.

Let us now talk about that whole process and try to know which things you have to be taken and which documents we are going to need ?

After marriage, you have to first fill out Form I-130 and submit it. We also know this form by the name Petition for Alien Relative.

This is the only way to find US government identify that a family relationship has been established between your family and Bride family. You will get the form I-130 on the official website of US government USCIS, where you can download it.

The spouse who submits Form I-130 is called the petitioner or sponsor. But wait, even if you have submitted this form I-130, you will not get the green card immediately. The US government cross-check your spouse’s eligibility before issuing a green card. Mainly, this whole process is done by dividing it into two parts.

Along with Form I-130, you also have to submit some documents. Such as – joint bank account statements, joint insurance documents, and photos together etc.

  • For Green Card applicants residing in the United States.
  • For Green Card applicants residing abroad

Once you get US marriage green card then you can call your parents as well as your brother and sisters through USCIS petition for parents. For more information you can talk to marriage immigration lawyer.

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Documents need for Green card

Let us talk about those important documents which are going to help us in getting green card. The list of these documents is as follows –

  • Minimum 6 months validity of your passport
  • Travel insurance
  • Flight return tickets & Hotel bookings docs
  • Your bank statements
  • Health insurance
  • Your birth certificates
  • Your sponsors details
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Military records.

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US embassy in India

Indian embassy in US


ग्रीन कार्ड के बारे में पूरी जानकारी | US permanent resident card

The happiness arise on your face when you get American citizenship OR US marriage green card. However, there is a process to get this American citizenship which we all have to follow.

Once you get the green card, you can move freely in any American state without any restrictions. During this, if any security or police checked your details then shows your documents.

I hope this article helps you a lot. If you have any query regarding this article please ask me on comments section. Me and my team is looking for your valuable comment.

Thank You !

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Some FAQ

Full form of USCIS

USCIS means United states citizenship and immigration services.

What is green card ?

It is an official documents to live in America without any problems. In other countries this card is basically know as Permanent resident.

Why this card is called as Green card ?

Because this card color which is green. This card is also known as permanent resident card. You don’t need to confuse between Green card & other countries permanent resident visa.

Which is the best way to get Green card easily and faster ?

You can choose the through investment. If you have millions of dollar then you have to invest in any American states. This is the coolest and safest method to get Green card.

Which documents do i need for Green card ?

Read this post twice.

Disclaimer : All these information collected from USCIS website. This is inform you that is a free service to Traveler’s. Please always check and confirm official site notice before you apply US VISA

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