UK graduate visa eligibility and requirements

Education is backbone of our society as well as our existence. Every country are provides much better education to his young generation.

Even some countries like Norway and Sweden provides free education to his nationality. This is great to see how a country protect his culture and existence through education.

We are all know in India our education system is not to support our future that’s why millions of the students goes every year to study abroad.

According to Indian Express there are total 2,61,406 lakh student goes to abroad and studied in 2020. This is huge number and it will show why our education system is weaker then other countries.

Today in this article we are going to study in United Kingdom OR England. Most of the readers ask in the previous article How to get UK Graduate visa ?

Even we are talking about eligibility as well as requirement’s and lastly we are talking about its fees. So big claps for the our readers.

What is graduate visa

When you higher education is done in United Kingdom most of the students are returns to their homeland.

But if you are eligible to graduate visa then United Kingdom officially allows to live in UK without any boundations.

This UK graduate visa allows to live in 2 Years of time period. During this time period you can easily search you job without any restrictions.

This is very useful for those student who actually wants a dream job.

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Some important information about PSW UK

Friends if you and your family belongs to European union OR you are national of Norway and Sweden then you are eligible to get PSW UK visa through Free EU Settlement Scheme.

UK graduate visa eligibility and requirements

Whereas, if you have sponsored a person or university as well as any educational institute of United Kingdom it means you are also eligible to graduated visa.

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UK graduate visa eligibility

Lets talk about post study visa UK eligibility. Here i have shown some eligibility that are helpful when you are applying for the UK graduate visa.

  • To obtain a UK graduate visa, you must reside in the united kingdom itself, you can get this visa only while living in Britain, not from outside.
  • When you comes in UK for your higher studies, it means you are applying and coming through student visa. Most of the cases when higher studies are completed then students goes his homeland, But if you get the UK graduate visa it means you can official stay here in UK with 2 Yrs of time period. During this time period you can easily search a dream job and live without any problems.
  • Once your higher studies are done then your institutions send your profile to UK Home Office.

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UK post study work visa 2021 requirements

Lets talk about UK graduate visa requirements. These are :

  1. Your passport
  2. Biometric residence permit (BRP) document
  3. Reference no of Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
  4. Proof of your relationship 
  5. Sponsor name
  6. Your documents should be in English OR whales language.

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How to apply UK graduate visa

Friends if you want to get graduate visa then you have apply online mode.

UK graduate visa eligibility and requirements

For online mode you can go to official website. Click here

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UK graduate visa fee

Application fee £715 OR 60K
Healthcare surcharge/Year For 1st Yrs = £624 OR 52K
For 2nd Yrs = £1,248
For 3rd Yrs = £1,872
For more informationClick here

UK embassy in India

AddressShantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
Opening time24 Hrs.
Official websiteClick here
Phone no01124192100

UK Embassy Map


Every year millions of student goes abroad for the purpose of higher education.

Countries knows the importance of education. In Sweden and Norway like countries are provided free education to his nationals.

In this article i have discussed about What is UK graduate visa and how to get it ? I hope you are all enjoyed this article.

If you have any queries then do comment on the comment box. Me and my team are waiting for you questions. Thank you !

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Some FAQ

What is UK graduate visa ?

Its a special type of visa to helps stand here in UK with 2 Yrs of time periods.

How can i get UK graduate visa ?

Read this post.

Cost of UK graduate visa ?

 £715 OR 60K

UK embassy in India address

Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021

What is student visa ?

Those peoples OR persons who are goes for the purpose of higher education in any country. Then this types of visa gives.

What is the eligibility of UK graduate visa ?

Read this post.

What is the minimum age for student visa ?

16 Yrs

Is graduation visa is equal to student visa ?

No Graduation visa and Student visa are different. For more information please read this post.

How to get PCC certificate ?

Simply goes official website of Indian passport then apply for the PCC certificate.

PCC certificate full form ?

Police clearance certificate

Disclaimer :

All these information collected form UK Website. This is inform you that is a free service to Traveler’s. Please always check and confirm official site notice before you apply United kingdom Visa

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