Thailand phi phi island cost, Hotels and much more

There is lot of island is present in the south east asia, But some of the island is famous in the tourist.

The Thailand Phi Phi island is one of them. If you are looking for trip in south asia, This island will help you to think.

Today we are going to talk about Thailand Phi Phi island cost and much more. So lets gets started.

Thailand Phi Phi island

The phi phi island is situated in the Thailand. This is one of the best island of entire south east nations. The phi phi island have another name which is koh phi-phi island.

This island is an archipelago of 6 islands. You can take speedboat trip OR you can go for ferryboat ride. Both the services is to good.

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How to come to this island ?

If you want to see this beautiful island then you have to come Thailand. Ha Ha Ha, just joking. Firstly you have checked the flights.

If the flights is available, collect the passport and visa. Once you landed here take a hotels and rest. There is lot of travel agencies to arranged your island journey within your budget.

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Koh phi phi hotels

There is lot of of hotels to stay here near this island. These hotels will help you.

HotelsPrice in $Locations
Phi Phi Banayan Villa66.43Click here
Ibiza House33.00Click here
Phi Phi CoCo Beach Resort162.30Click here
Mama Beach Residence74.92Click here
Villa 360216.07Click here

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Video credit : Island Hopper TV/You Tube

Thailand PhiPhi Island location


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Some FAQ

Where is Phi phi island ?

Phi phi island is situated in the thailand.

Cost to travel in Thailand ?

You can decide according to your budget.

Why this island is so famous in tourism ?

This island is known for beautiful beaches, corals and marine life.

Is one day is enough to travels this beautiful island ?

Of course you can.

Can i bath in this beautiful and stunning island ?

Yes you can but wait you have to take permission before you go.

What is wear to this island ?

Ha ha is this your question. You can wear shorts OR Bikini suits etc.

What is the population of this island ?

According to 2013 census the population of this island is just 2500

Area of this island ?

Area of this island is just 4.73 miles square.

Disclaimer : All these information collected form various official Thailand tourism website. This is inform you that is a free service to Traveler’s. Please always check and confirm official site notice before you go.

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