Taj museum history and its architecture

The Mughal rulers had built many historical buildings during their reign. Who still tells saga in her amazing artwork and architecture.

Especially, we all know the reign of Mughal King Shahjahan by the name of the golden age. Who can forget the Taj Mahal built by them.

Friends in today’s post we will take a closer look at the collection of various items used by the Mughal emperors.

At the same time we will also try to know how the Mughal royal family established good relations with Rajput’s during that time.

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Taj mahal history and location

Taj Museum is located in Agra. It is located right in front of the world famous 7th wonder i.e. Taj Mahal.

The museum was built in 1906 by the Viceroy of India which is Lord Curzon. But this museum is opened to all the people in 1982.

Khan Bahadur Maulvi Jafar Hussain ji took the responsibility of preserving and repairing this museum.

ताज म्यूजियम का इतिहास और उसकी वास्तुकला | Taj museum UP

Hussain ji was an archaeologist and was also an expert in his work. They knew the art of preserving things.

Perhaps this is the reason why we are able to see this Taj Museum today is because of them. Various objects of Mughal emperors are preserved in this museum.

If you are a student of history or you have interest in architecture then this place is no less than a heaven for you.

Exhibition is also organized here from time to time in the museum, so that tourists and students coming here to learn about the history of the Mughal Empire.

Considering some tourists, this museum has a total of 150 different exhibitions which is one of its biggest features.

Taj museum architecture

At present the Taj Museum is located in the west side of the Taj mahal. This palace is not like the water palace of Rajasthan but its importance is also not less.

This is a two-story building with different displays on the first floor, while on the second floor the staff at this museum operates to keep it safe and do other museum related functions.

ताज म्यूजियम का इतिहास और उसकी वास्तुकला | Taj museum UP

A large square base has been used to build this museum. To whom its foundation has been linked with full strength.

Inside this is a huge organization, where all these exhibitions are organized. This museum was built in Mughal architecture style.

Different types of paintings were hung on these walls which tell the story of prosperity of the Mughal Empire.

Apart from this, beautiful gardens have been built around the building. which adds to the beauty of this museum.

Taj museum objects

In the Taj Museum, you will see documents of Agra forts, Red Fort, Moti Masjid, and architecture of the Taj Mahal.

These documents will help you understand the foundations of these buildings.

This document was some kind of paper building. According to this, these historical buildings were made possible.

So this document are available in this museum. In addition to this, samples of different types of stones used in these historic buildings were also accumulated.

If you look closely at these buildings, you will see their unmatched artwork and restraint. The metal or equipment that was used to make these is also protected here.

You all must know the royal decree. These are also kept here for tourists.

This was a kind of government document used to allow to complete or stop any task, sometimes the use of these royal decree appears to us in spying works.

Apart from this, Mughal Badshah Jahangir who was an art lover had a lot of love for painting and architectures.

Some of the major famous pictures of his reign are still preserved.

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Taj museum timing and tickets

Taj Museum is open 6 days a week only and only closed Fridays. If you have plans to visit the Taj Museum, you must remember Friday, otherwise your visit will be in vain.

Well Taj Museum opens at 9am for tourists and students and closes after around 5pm.

Talk about entering the Taj Museum – Indian tourists charge Rs.20 while Rs.750 for foreign tourists.

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Tourist place in Agra

Friends if you having a plan to travel in Uttar Pradesh don’t forget to visit in Agra. In Agra their are lots of historical places to see. These are :

Taj mahalShish mahal
Motimaszid Anguri Bagh
Jama masjid Jahangir palace
Chini ka RauzaShri Mankameshwar Mandir
Aaram BaghAmar Singh Gate
Mehatab BaghShah Jahani Mahal
Akabar TombRadha Swami Temple
Itmad ud daula tombTaj Gallery

How to reach at Taj museum

By RoadSome buses are available like idgah and ISBT
By TrainAgra cantt, Agra city etc
By AirKheria airport


Mughal emperor makes some beautiful architectures in their reign. If you had closer look to these architecture you will find there is lot of detailing works are present in it, which is very impressive.

I hope you are enjoying this post. If you have any query or any suggestion regarding this post please do comment. Thank you !

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Taj museum location

Some FAQ

Taj museum opening time ?

Morning 6 am

is museum open in Friday ?

No buddy. Its holiday

Please tell me the Taj museum ticket price

For Indian tourist only 20 ₹ and for foreigners there are 750 ₹ you have to pay

Why i visit this museum ?

If you are history lover or you love to see our culture and historical architecture you must visit. Thank you.

Can i click some photos ?

Of course you can

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