Sarnath museum : An archaeological site

Museums are one of the best place to see the ancient monuments, Sculptures and Documents. Some of the museums are worked on the special themes.

In the previous article i have shared some special museums like The brooms museum, Bharat kala bhavan, Taj museum and Museum of the future

These types of museum are very-very famous because of the objects. In this article we are going to see the sarnath museum which is dedicated to the Lord Buddha and The Buddha Religion.

Sarnath museum is situated in the Uttar pradesh. In 1904 this museum is established by the government of india. Some of the Buddha related things are collected from the Myanmar and Thailand also.

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Sarnath museum history

Sarnath museum is located in the uttar pradesh. This museum is operated by the archeological department of india. There is 6832+ sculptures and monuments are placed. This museum is dedicated to the lord gautam buddha and his cultures.

This museum was established in the 1904. Sir John Marshall played an important role to built this museum.

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Sarnath museum ticket price

The ticket price to enter this museum is just 5₹ per person. But you have to purchase this ticket only on Online. There is no option to collect the ticket offline. If you have a smartphone and want to get ticket then follow these steps :

  1. Open your google pay app and scan the Barcode OR QR code which is given in the front gate of this museum.
  2. Once you scan this QR code then you have a new link is shared.
  3. Click on the given link and go the official website.
  4. Enter your personal details like your name and Aadhar card.
  5. Submit the details and redirect the google pay OR select other payment method.
  6. Pay the fee and submit the final form.
  7. Once you pay the fee you have sent a link from archeological department of india.
  8. Click and download the entry tickets.

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Lets have a look on museum

lord budhha image saranth

To go to Sarnath, you have to be the first come at varanasi Cantt railway station. From here you can take an auto or Ola to go to Sarnath which will take you directly to Sarnath.

The distance between varanasi cantt railway station to the Sarnath is approx 10 km. Once you enter the sarnath the first thing is noticed that there is 80 feet long Lord buddha statue, which is beautifully designed.

But im not going to explore this beautiful statue, Because today we are going to explore the sarnath museum. Once your ticket is conform you have to enter the museum.

In this museum there is no camera and smartphone is allowed. But you can take the notes and pen to write OR collect the information which is provided in the museum.

So lets enter the museum. When we enter this museum we see a huge ashoka pillar and its hight is around 9 to 10 feet. In this pillar there is 4 animals are present which represents the Lord buddha and his Religion. These animals are : Lion. Elephant, Ox and Horse.

At the time of entry there is two gallery the first one is related to the buddhist culture and the second one is Hindu religions gods and goddess. At the time of shunga dyansty king Pushyamitra the buddhist religion is followed some hindu mythology. This time many hindu god and goddess are associated with the Buddhist religion.

So let come on the ashoka pillar. On the right hand of this monument we have see there is Bodhisatva Sculpture is present and this statue or sculpture is like adorable. We see the Umbrella sculpture which is over the Bodhisatva.

There is a mirror to see your smile as well as your dressing. There is another scripts has shown. This script is related to the history of Devonagari script.

Most of the sculptures is related to the 4th C to 11 C AD. The best part of this museum is the ornaments. These ornaments is made of the Gold. There is neckless and bracelets is also present.

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Sarnath museum location


Guys museums is the face of our society as well as our religion. Sarnath museum is also represent the Buddha and his religions. There is lot of ornaments, Documents and Sculptures are present which is praise the buddha and his religion.

If you have any query regarding this article please ask in the comment section. Me and my team is waiting for your valuable question.

Thank you !

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Some FAQ

Where is sarnath museum located ?

Sarnath museum is located in the uttar pradesh

Is there any washroom ?


Is there any tap water OR drinking water is available ?

Of course dear.

What is ticket cost of this museum ?

5₹ per person.

What is requirements to see this museum ?

Only ticket.

How to get the ticket online ?

Read this article twice.

Can i click the photos with my smartphone ?

No you dont.

Is it true there is gold ornaments which is related to the Buddha ji ?

Yes dear.

Is there any parking is available ?

Yes there is parking available. Parking cost is just 20₹/Bike

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