What is Police Clearance Certificate and how to get it ?

Friends whenever you have applying for your new Passport OR Visa then, I’m sure about you have to listen the term Police Clearance Certificate OR PCC certificate.

Guys if you don’t have this certificate this means you don’t have to left your country. Basically this type of certificate indicates a person have good character and he is not involving any police cases.

In this post i will explain everything about Police clearance certificate OR PCC Form and of cource we will also discussed its importance and so on. So lets gets started.

What is Police Clearance Certificate ?

It is a special document which released by the Passport government of India OR our foreign ministry.

Whenever you are applying for your new passport OR you interested to visit in any country to work, then this certificated are needed.

Every country released this certificate to protect his sovereignty and also to protect the criminal activities.

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Police clearance requirements

How to apply Police verification certificate online

Stpe-1 firstly you have to go on official website of Indian passport which is passportindia.gov.in

Step-2 Register your self with valid email id and a phone no. This is very important to you because all the passport related details are sent your email and you phone no.

when you enter on the User registration tab firstly you have seen there is two information are asking the 1st one is CPV Delhi and 2nd one is pasport.

CPV Delhi means counselor passport and visa division. This type of document are only for diplomats and some especial employees of the government of India.

If you are not a diplomat then choose 2nd option of the user registration form which is passport office.

Once you choose then next putting your ” nearest passport office details “in the tab.

After submission of your form some question regarding you ask like your name, surname, Birth date, Email.id, Phone no etc.

When you putting your email id a question has asked to you ” Do you want your Login Id
to be same as E-mail Id? ”

This features allowed to login my same email id which is nice because no one has to remember another email and of course password.

So choose yes and then choose a strong password if you wont be choose right password then choose suggest password. The website A.I chooses a proper password for you.

Entering your captcha and submit your registration. After registration you have seen a notification on your email.

Step- 3 When you open your email. A massage from passportadmin have been arrived.

click and open the massage here you can see a link has been sent. This link are valid for a week from the registration date.

Step- 4 Click on link that have provided. Submit your login details or your email id. A new window open that says “Your account has been activated successfully “

After that click on “click here to login button”.

Step- 5 A new window has been open. Here you can see their is lot of information regarding your passport. Please see image which is given below.

Step- 6 So assume that you are fresher. Click on Apply for police clearance certificatebutton.

A new window has been open where ask some details about your passport like, Your passport number, Date of issue and expiry, Place of issue your passport, Region or country for which pcc is required and lastly you have to ask about Purpose for which pcc is required. Fill all the details and click on next button.

If you are choosing offline mode then you have to fill a form of PCC certificate. You can download here : Click here

Step- 7 Pay the fees of PCC certificate and print the bill for future use.

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Important links

Indian embassy contact number1800-258-1800 
Police verification status checkClick here
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Police clearance certificate application formDownload
Track application status Click here

Indian embassy in Delhi address


In this article i have discussed about what is Police Clearance Certificate OR PCC certificate and how to get it ? I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you have any queries regarding this post please ask in the comment section which is below to the article.

Thank you for your love and support.

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Some FAQ

What is police clearance certificate and how to get it ?

it is an official document to use in foreign country to avoid criminals.

PCC full form

Police clearance certificate.

I have my passport do i apply for visa for UK

Of course you have to apply for a visa in this country.

How to get PCC certificate ?

Read this post carefully.

is passport required for Nepal ?

Dude, Passport is our identity without this document no one has to identify our name as well as our country. That’s why its important for foreign trips.

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