Dronagiri fort history and its architecture

In ancient time many kings has build a giants forts that helps OR to protect his peoples and its territories.

If you see these forts you observe that there is a certain amount of bricks, and lime stone was used.

One thing is interesting about its architecture. I have written many forts history and i observed that most of the fort are build by lime stone and some rare stones.

Today we will talk about dronagiri fort history and its architecture. So lets gets started.

Drongiri fort history

This fort was build by yadavas dynasty which is ruled over maharastra and gujrat and some parts of karnataka.

During 830 – 1334 yadavs become more powerfull then other dynasty like rastrakuta and chalukya.

At that time yadavas build a gient fort which is situated in maharastra and name is dronagiri.

in 1530 Portuguese are controlled over fort. Father Antono-de-porto has constructed three churches which is –

  1. Nosa senhora,
  2. N.S.Da Penha
  3. Sam Francisco

in 16 the century this fort was controlled by bijapur king Adilshah but unforturnately he didnt ruled over long time.

We know in 16 the century a strongest company which is east india company are comes in india. Over a period of time the british ruled over this fort.

In current time we will see their is nothing to see about forts beauty beacuse no one has to protect this ancient beauty. This dronagiri fort is in ruins.

But dronagiri is famous for the hiking. Many adventures peoples comes at that place and enjoying his hiking.

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Dronagiri Google fort


In ancient times many rulers are ruled over dronagiri.

Actually this location is very important to any rulers because of its location. Its situated in highest peek of the mountains.

In 1530 Portuguese capture this fort and rebuild. In dronagiri fort their is a church are present.

This church was also made by the Portuguese. At present day or in 2022 this fort was ruined because of negligence of our government.

If our government are take care of these types of fort then definitely its beneficial for our India and its tourism.

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Some FAQ

Where is dronagiri fort situated?

Dronagiri fort is situated in Maharashtra

who built the church on dronagiri ?

Portuguese built the church on dronagiri fort

Exact location of this fort ?

Its in navi mumbai

Is this fort is safe to visit ?

Of course you can visit at any time. Those people who loves adventures. They loved this place

Which material used in dronagiri fort ?

Dronagiri fort is made by stones

Dronagiri uran pin code ?


who was build this fort

According to many historians this fort was made by the yadavas of Devgiri

In which maharastra district dronagiri fort is situated ?

Dronagiri fort is situated in raigarh OR raigad

In which year the Portuguese capture this fort ?

in 1530 Portuguese capture this fort and they rebuild this fort according to his need

Name of church which is situated in this fort ?

 Nossa Senhora da Penha church

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