Australia visa types and requirements

Australia one of the beautiful country present in the world. There is lot of tourist places, monuments, and other stuffs you can checked.

Australia is situated in southern pole of the earth. If you are interested to travel this beautiful country, this article help you a lot.

Travel its one of the beautiful word specially for those people who loves travelling. If i ask what is your favorite destination ? Then most of you guys says : UK, US, Austrlia etc.

In this article we are going to talk about the Australian visa and in the last we discussed how to get the australia visa easy and fast. So lets begin.

So what is visa ?

Every country has allowed other nationality or peoples to enter their territory for touring, Businesses and other works. Australia is one them.

Well, It is an official document which allows to enters in country with limited period of time. Some countries are allow to his territory with visa on arrival facility.

This is one of the famous types of visas which boost the economy of that country.

Across the world people used this document for Employment, Tourism, Education, Medical facilities, etc. Well if you are planning for tourism in any of the countries. For more information : Click here

There is total 5 types of visa has issued by the austalian government. These visas are :

Tourist visa Australia OR Visitors visa

When a person or national are going in another country for the purpose of touring and adventures, called tourist and the document he needs, that is called tourist visa.

Tourist visa comes with 90 days OR 3 months of time period. During these days this official documents are allowed to move any regions of the Australia with touring purpose.

If you want this tourist visa then you have to checked official website of Australian government and checked is your nation are allowed with visa OR visa on arrival facility. For more information : click here

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Student visa Australia and Training visa

Australia visa types and requirements

There is 3 types of visa offered by the Australian government. These are :

  • Student visa (subclass 500)
  • Student Guardian visa (Subclass 590)
  • Training visa (subclass 407)

Lets talk about these types of student visa one by one. The subclass 500 student visa has allowed almost 5 years to study here without any problems.

Cost for Subclass 500 Australia student visa is just AUD650 OR in INR is ₹35,965. For more information : Click here

Lets talk about the Student Guardian visa. This visa is also known as Subclass 590 student visa. This types of visa is a temporary visa.

This type of visa is depends on your age and staying in Australia. The cost of Subclass 590 student visa is just AUD650 OR in INR is ₹35,965. For more information : Click here

The last visa is Training visa or you can say that the Subclass 407 visa. This visa is temporary visa and it offers almost 2 years of time period.

Talk about the cost. It goes around AUS 325 OR in INR is ₹ 18,000. For more information : Click here

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Partner visa Australia OR Partner visa

Family is very important for us why ? Because families gives us a moral support to work harder and smarter.

Friends when a person get his dream job, most of the cases he wanted to bring his family to live with us in the Australia.

This types of visa is called family visa. That’s why australian government launches this visa to see the smily for their workers face. Their are certain rules and regulations to get this visa.

There are total 23 types of visa has offered by the australian government. For information : Click here

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Work visa OR Working visa Australia

Australia visa types and requirements

The australian government provides a special type of document to its foreigner or workers who want to come to australia in search of employment which we know as the australia work visa.

When there is a good working environment in this country and you get good money for work, then who wouldn’t want to go here? Friends, what do you think? Do comment in the comment section.

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Humanitarian visa Australia

Im sure you didn’t listen this type of visa entry. Many times it happens that in the event of an attack on a country, its citizens are forced to leave their country and take refuge in other countries.

In that situation, he is considered OR eligible to this type of visa.

This visa is also known as Asylum visa. Almost every developed countries has allowed to their territory with this special types of visa.

Recently a war is going on between Russia and Ukraine. Since the beginning of this war, thousands of Ukrainian people are leaving their country and taking refuge in nearby countries.

Many countries have come forward to help these refugees, Australia is also one of them.

Other Visas

Australia offers some others visa like special purpose, Investor visa, Conformatory visa, Maritime crew visa, Bridging visa. For more information: Click here

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Australia visa application

Australia visa types and requirements

Every country has allowed to comes in his territory with valid documents. If you want to get australia visa fast and reliable.

These documents are required whenever you are applying for the australia visa.

  • Valid passport with 6 month validity
  • Australian visa form
  • Visa application submission fee receipt
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Your marriage certificate
  • Bank statements and the last your
  • Health status

Australian consulate India map

Indian embassy in Australia


In this article i have provide Australia visa types and their requirements. I hope this article help you a lot. If you have any question regarding this article please do comment in the comment box.

Me and my team is waiting to answer you valuable questions.

Thank you !

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Some FAQ

How i get austalia visa ?

Apply for the australia visa.

Australia visa requirements

Read this article twice.

What is the cost of australia student visa ?

cost for australi student visa is just AUD 650

What is the validity of the tourist visa ?

Validity for the tourist visa is 90 days OR 3 months

What is tourist visa?

Read this article twice.

How many visas has offered by the australian government ?

Almost 30+ visas has provided by the australian government

Is visa is open for the australia ?


Is health insurance is important to get australia visa ?


How to get australian visa news ?

Read some articles OR you can follow the pocketexplorer

Can i apply offline to get the australian visa ?

of course you can easily get the Australian visa

Disclaimer : All these information collected from Australia official website . This is inform you that is a free service to Traveler’s. Please always check and confirm official site notice before you apply US VISA

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